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How To Bring In Clients


Okay, everyone. I’m talking to you today about how to bring in clients. Okay, so rule number one is, of course, promotion -- promote, promote, promote, promote, promote. But what do you promote?


What do you promote? Here is the law. If you don’t have a whole division, a whole section that deals with new clients, and a whole section that deals with existing clients -- and those sections are not totally separated and totally handled -- you will not have expansion.


To have expansion, you need an area for new clients and this area needs to have a free and low-cost product. There’s not one company that does not have a free and low cost product, if they want to expand.


As soon as the client trusts you, you start to sell him a higher cost product. Not the second before! You need to create this unwavering trust, then you can sell him anything at any price, provided it helps the client and you really think he needs it.


Because if you really think that he needs it, you will not settle for anything less than the client purchased. Because if it was your son and you knew 100 percent he needs this medicine, you will not settle for anything less than he’s going to take this medicine.


It’s not important if he likes it or not. Your clients should be exactly like your son. If you think that your product is as important as the medicine, sell it. If not, don’t sell it. Don’t!


Very interesting… so you need their free products. You need low-cost products, you need high-cost products, and you need to know who and when you concentrate on the new products -- and who and when you concentrate on high-priced products that go to existing clients.


If you understand that, if you set it up, if you planned it properly, expansion is not an issue of hope anymore. It’s a definite, definite result of your actions. You want to learn how to do it exactly. This is just a small piece of knowledge. You want to have the full knowledge.


Come to one of my seminars. Your life will change. There’s one way to do things correctly, and there are infinite, infinite ways to do things incorrectly. If you want to know, if you want to learn how to do it correctly, come to see me. I promise you, you will never be the same again.


Looking forward to seeing you.


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