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Open Your Eyes – The Naked Truth


Hi everyone. I am in town, and I’m going to tell you the Naked Truth. Yep.


You go to seminars. You hope to improve. You feel great. But the result in the physical universe does not show the improvements. You need to realize – please first, that what you get is not nothing. You get damaged.


But you say, “No-no-no-no, that felt good.” I understand.


If the statistics, if your life did not improve, you get damaged, because this universe – the smallest number … well, what is the smallest number in this universe? Think about it. What is it?


I know you want to say “zero.” Mm-mm. There’s no absolute zero. Yeah, I know, there’s a project in San Lamos, and that there’s a group of scientists that, for years, are trying to get to absolute zero. They theorize that if they will get to this absolute zero, the universe will end, which of course poses the question of “Why the hell are they doing that?” But this is a government project, so it makes sense.


But, actually the smallest number is not zero. It’s not. The smallest number in this universe is two. The smallest number in this universe is two. There’s good and bad. White and black. Truth and false. Improve and get damaged. It’s not zero.


If you do not make money now, you lose money. If you did not learn something, you become more stupid. If you are not becoming more stupid, you’re becoming more clever. There is no zero. There’s no change. This universe does not admit a zero.


So when you go to these seminars, and if the physical universe – your business, your life, if your actual numbers do not show improvement, believe me, you’re being short changed. But in a bad way, because you pay and then you don’t get what’s promised.


Then those people will attack you. The same people will attack you and I saw this thing. I saw these clients that are being attacked by their teachers, by their mentors, by the company that’s supposed to help them. They somehow accept this.


Well, I’m going to tell you something. It’s wrong. It is totally wrong. You need to take responsibility for your own condition. If you arrive to my seminar or anyone else’s seminar and the numbers do not improve thereafter immediately, you should not come tomorrow. You should find a different way.


What they teach you, what I teach you – if it’s in my case – is false data, and false data is worse than no data. Because it’s better to be at zero than at a minus. It’s better. So please, open your eyes and check – do you get results or not?


What I promise you is results. What does it mean to have results, that I promise? After you’ve been in my seminar, you will see an actual improvement in your numbers, an actual improvement in your relationship with your wife, an actual improvement in the relationship with your kids. An actual improvement in your business, and actual improvement that is measurable, and it’s not temporary.


What I’m telling you, the result will be there, even if you don’t want to apply, the result will be there. Just by changing your mind. This is my guarantee to you. Come to the seminar. You will never be the same again. You will go from going down, to going up.


I’m inviting you to try – zero risk. See you there.



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Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved. Grateful acknowledgment is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.
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