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Hi, everybody. Meir Ezra again and I am going to talk to you about something very exciting. How to increase your revenue. What is the one thing you can do, or have to do, or the one thing that totally controls your revenue? One thing, totally controls your revenue. You do that, it’s not important how good you do it, it’s not important at what quality, your revenue will grow. Yup. Promote.


So what is promote? Promote is making things known. Promote is putting the things out there. This is what promote. Okay, good. So, if you just put promotion out, you will have income. So your income is proportional to the number of promotional item you put out. Not the quality, not to who you send it, not to anything. The numbers of pieces. The more you put out, the more income you’ll get.


So it’s very simple. You put out a lot of communications, you’ll get communication back. You put no communication, you’ll get no communication. It’s very, it’s like if, if I will not talk to any person in a party, chances are no one will talk to me. By me being there and standing, I’m already communicating, but the chances that I will become the key person in the party are zero.


If I want to be the key person, I better start to initiate communication, and a lot. A lot of communication. So, your gross revenue, your income, is controlled by the number of communication you put out. You will see that when a person do not communicate, he’s actually dead. I don’t know if you’ve tried to talk lately to a dead person, he’s not communicating. So dead people do not communicate.


Organization that do not communicate are, that do not send out promotion are dead by definition. Because what defines how alive you are, is how many communications you shoot out. How to create the perfect promotional model, piece, sorry. How to create the perfect promotional piece? What is the correct quantity, what, all of this you will learn once you come to the PR, Survey and Marketing Seminar.


It is an exact technology. Once you know it, you have to be a genius to fail. You cannot fail. It’s like, unbelievable. People that I’m teaching using it, overnight results. Overnight. It’s like you start to put communication out, communication comes in, income goes out, wonderful. You want to learn how to do it? You want to learn how to stop sweating? You want to learn how to control your income?


Show up one of my seminars, just show up. Look at what other people says about us, look at the testimonials. Thousands and thousands and thousands of success stories. No other organization can show this kinds of results. Come and see me, you will be amazed. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Thank you.



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