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The 90-10 Principle


Hi everybody, and today I’m going to tell you about a very, very, very interesting observation. I actually heard about it first from a very good friend of mine, Daniel Vladislovski.


He’s a genius. He’s my partner and a very good friend, and the principal is the 90-10. Immediately, you think about 90-10. What is that principal 80-20, 90-10? What is it?


It’s not what you think. It is a principal that if you apply to your life, your life will change. That’s what I’m specializing in. Because once I’ve changed your life, you mind, your business, your family life, your personal life, everything changes.


Once your mind gets changed, how do I change your mind? By getting you to remove all false data and giving you instead, the correct data, your mind will change.


So, what is the 90-10 Principal? Ten percent of everything that happens to you has nothing to do with you. It just happens. It’s not under your control… not under your control. From Allah or God or whatever you want to call Him, it just happened.


Ninety percent, it’s totally under your control. What is this 90 percent? It’s how you react to the 10 percent. You wake up in the morning. The kids are late. You go crazy. You shout at them. You go out, you forgot your cell phone. You already drove. You need to come back -- you’re even more late.


It is a mess! You arrive to work. You are crazy upset. The day goes nowhere. It is only because how you handle the 10 percent.


And the other way, you wake up, the kids are late, and you say, “Oh! You’re so nice. I love you so much. There’s nothing more important than you. Nothing! I love you! Oh! I’m going to be late for work. That’s fine. I’ll handle that. I’ll communicate and tell them. I’ll tell them.”


You don’t forget your cell phone. You go out, you drop the kids. They’re wonderful. They love you. They kiss you. You go to work. You are just wonderful. No one even cares about the fact that you’ve been late because you are such an amazing person.


What’s the difference? The ninety percent, so why if it is so logical, and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s logical -- why you do not behave so logically all the time is an exact reason. It’s got to do with something that’s called the mind.


What is the mind? What’s the difference between the mind and the spirit? What is it? What’s the purpose? How do you change the mind? These are all things that you must know in order to handle business.


Because what is a group? A group is composed of individuals. What do you handle? You handle minds day in day out. If you are an executive, if you’re an owner of a business, if you want to be successful you need to know one thing: how to handle minds.


Come to my seminar. I’ll show you how. I’m looking forward.


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