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What Do You Know About The Person Who Complains?

Hmm…wow! Hi everyone. Amazing! Amazing data… amazing data!

So, I’ll tell you a story I have. My son came to me, and he told me, “Oh, Daddy! Daddy! My friend hit me! My friend hit me! Look! I have a bruise here! Look! Look!” and he’s going into this big show.

Now, what do you know when your son is complaining about someone else? What do you know when anyone complains about anyone else? One thing for sure, the person who complains is the person that committed the sin.

When I complain I actually say - “God will help me to explain how you are to blame at what I’ve done, three fingers towards me.”

So, I go to my son and I let him finish the show, and ask him, “So, what happened?” and he tells me, “Oh! My friend, Dave, hit me!”

So I asked - “What did you do to him?”

“Oh, Daddy! He did! He hit me! I have a proof!” my son replied...

I said, “Yes, I understand. I got you. So... "what are you hiding from him?”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Big show, crying...  

I said - "Honey, what did you do to him?”

he replied - “Mommy! Daddy doesn't understand me!”

And I ask him the same things for five, six, seven minutes, “What did you do to him", "what do you hide from him", "what did you do to him", "what are you hiding from him".... and guess what?

After seven minutes, he looks at me and he say...

“I stole his sandwich.” “Hmm, thank you for telling me. Thank you for telling me". "What do you want to do about it" I asked...

“Well, I’ll give him my sandwich tomorrow, and I’ll bring him a toy.” I said, “Well, that sounds good. Let’s call him.” So, we call him and he talked to him, and he, of course, telling him what happened, and they agreed, and two seconds later he comes to me and ask, “Hey, Daddy, can I go and see him playing?”

And I say, “No.” Now, this guy, this son of mine three minutes ago wanted me to come to school and kill his friend, and now he wants to go and play with him. amazing change.


Because the only reason anyone -- anyone attacked EVER is:

The person who attacks did something against the other person. There’s no other reason.

What between this and business?

You need to understand people because if you don’t understand people, you cannot build a business. Because what you do in your business is handling minds, and minds are very tricky, and whatever looks in one way, it’s probably the other way around.

If I attack you, I did something against you. You’ll see that there are people that attack me, and they say, “Meir is this and Meir is that,” and go and check their hand. Dirty. Look at the thing they call their soul... Ah! Dirty! black... and in this case "black is not beautiful... :)

When someone attacks you, it’s not important how he justify it, if it’s something against you, he did something against you! 

There no justified attacks?

No. Because if you did something wrong and I never did anything against you, my instinct will be to help you, to correct it.

If my instinct is to attack you, I did something bad against you.

Very different, I know, but I’m telling you the truth.

It’s not even important how justified is the attack.

You need to observe it in your own life and see if it’s correct. I’m sure you will agree that it is correct.

Come and learn the fundamentals of business, which means the fundamentals of you, because if you don’t understand you, you will not understand others.

Take this as invitation to change your life for the better.

I’m looking forward to seeing you. 

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