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What Is The Difference Between The Founder, The CEO and The Staff?

Okay. Hi everyone! What am I going to talk to you about today? What am I going to talk to you about today?


Let’s talk about you - you are an owner of a business. The business is somehow moving, growing. So, usually you are the Founder and the CEO, and you have VP's and executives and staff and you have 10, 20 people, and you want to grow.


What is the one thing you have to understand in order to grow? 

You need to understand what is the difference between the Founder, the CEO and the staff. 

So... what is the difference?


Well, the Founder, of course, is the guy who takes all the money, and also the guy who pays all the bills, and he is responsible. Yeah! And the CEO, what’s the CEO? Hmm, well the CEO is the guy who’s responsible and maybe someone who we can blame.

Right? :)

No, it’s different. 

The Founder is in the future… he or she is supposed to be in the future. The CEO is supposed to be in the present time, and the staff is supposed to be in the past, or handling the past. When these two get mixed, you don’t have any further future.


When these three are mixed, you only have past, and you go backward. This happens in most companies. Why? because the Founder bypassed the CEO and the Founder has also bypassed the staff and so he’s handling past issues and there is no future - only past.


As long as you’re in present time, you have a slight chance of going forward. Duh! Not really. But if you, as a Founder, start to handle the past, you go backward because this your forward motion which you are exerting. That is to say, this is your backward motion - you go back.


The moment you start to go and concentrate here, in the past, you get backward. You the Founder, the owner, puts your company in a "backwards" state, and that’s the reason companies become smaller. 

You want to grow? You have to separate these three positions.


You have to start creating the future. Creating - just actually putting it there creating. 

To Live you must be able to create.

Death definition of - a state of no creation.

You need to let the CEO put in the present time - handling present time - and the staff have to handle the past.


You need to make sure that the CEO - make sure that they get handled. If you don’t understand that, you will go nowhere fast, despite the fact that you will sweat and exert a lot of effort.


How to do it, how to separate the actions, what is the exact technology that will actually guarantee that you can be in the future, and you don’t have to be in present time... I’m teaching exactly that to you,  and more, in my seminars.


Come to one of my seminars. You will learn life-changing principals. These principles apply to everything, and that always starts with changing the individual.

What in the individual? Changing the individual's mind - because if I don’t change your mind, you will change nothing.

Thank you, and see you there!

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