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Why Businesses Fail - Part 3


Hey! Hi everybody. I’m so excited. This is the third part of why people do not succeed in business. Are you ready for that?


So, here’s the story. I was sitting this morning with a friend at Starbucks, and he’s an expert, a marketing expert. By the way, the definition of the word “expert” is someone from out of town with a briefcase.


So the guy… yeah, the guy is telling me, “You know, I mean, I’m working on this marketing campaign and we have this and this PR, and I said, “Woo, woo, woo wha what is marketing? What is PR? What is sales? What’s the difference between them?”


And he told me, “You know, marketing is advertising and PR is part of marketing, but it’s not sales, but sometimes it is,” and bla, bla, bla, bla nonsense.


So it took 15 minutes to get him to understand that he actually does not know, which is a high level of understanding to admit that you don’t know. Amazing if you can do that.


I want to ask you, what is the difference between PR, marketing and sales? What is the exact definition of the word PR, marketing and sales? Do you know? Let me show you.


So this is PR, this is marketing, and this is sales… marketing. PR is, of course, what people -- other people -- talk about us. Marketing is what we say about us. PR is what other people say about us. Marketing is what we say about us, and sales… very interesting.


It’s what the client or the prospect says about himself. We need to get the client to talk about himself if you want any progress in the sale process. Now, if you don’t understand that, you’ll have endless confusion.


If you understand that, this is a stable day to him. This is a truth that from there, you can start undoing the confusion. Once you learn the technology of what PR is -- you learn the technology of marketing, you learn the technology of sales -- it would be nothing! As simple as the subject.


Because once you know, it’s simple; and if it is not simple, it’s simply won’t be. Really. If it’s not simple, it simply won’t be.


Anything that you feel that is complicated is an area… an area that you feel that is complicated is an area that you still don’t know. Learn the exact technology, and you will control it -- and you will have income.


I’m delivering a special seminar. It’s called PR Survey and Marketing, PR Survey and Marketing Seminar. Three days that will get you in the driver’s seat in regard to PR, marketing and sales. You will not anymore hear from useless experts that are not willing to give you any guarantee in regards of the PR action, marketing action, or even sales action.


If you know this technology, you will be able to teach them. You will be able to guarantee the results. You’ll see that with no money, you’ll have unbelievable results.


Come to the seminar. We’ll change your life. You’ll see this is… those are a very, very, very simple subject once you know them.


See you there.


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