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You Cannot Control What You Sense


Okay, wow! Hi, everyone. It’s me again, Meir Ezra, and I’m going to ask you something. Do you agree that if you cannot sense any part of your body, you will not be able to control that part? Is that real for you? 


I think it’s obvious. A person is paralyzed because he cannot sense that part of that body. When a nerve gets cut, what happens? You cannot sense that part of the body anymore, and so you cannot control it.


Do you understand that if you cannot sense what’s happening with an airplane, you’ll get vertigo? Vertigo is a phenomena that the pilot thinks that the sky is ground and the ground is the sky, so he thinks it’s going up, but actually it’s going down towards a crash.


That’s a vertigo, a very dangerous situation, so whatever you cannot sense or measure, you cannot control.


Do you understand that men -- actually, the point where men start to improve technology wise -- and actually the mind-wise as well and the spiritual-wise is the point where he started to be able to measure?


You will not be able to create a chip or any part of this thing without being able to measure. So whatever you cannot measure cannot be improved. Do you understand that? Good. I’m sure you do. Now, what do you measure in your business?


What do you measure in your business? So you may tell me that you measure the sales and the expenses. But do you know that you need a minimum of 70 different measurements in order to control your business?


If I tell you that you have three senses, three areas of sensation in the body at the end of this finger, at the end of this finger, at the end of this finger, you don’t feel anything as otherwise, will you be able to control your body? No!


If I tell you that an airplane can measure the amount of fuel it has, it can measure the speed, and it can measure the… I don’t know, the direction but not everything else that needs to be measured -- meaning the pilot is with closed eyes, or the weather is so bad, or you fly so high that you need instruments -- will you be able to control the airplane? No!


This is what happens in business. If you don’t measure everything daily and if you then don’t present it graphically -- and then if you don’t know how to read this measurement tool and react to the behavior of the measuring tools -- guess what? You’ll have a crash.


There’s a way to run a business by utilizing measuring tools. The only sound measure of any business, any results, the only way to measure a business or to control a business is to manage by statistics. Statistics means a measurement of one thing against another of the same kind of thing.


So two bananas and four apples is not statistics. Numbers on an Excel sheet is not statistics. It has to be graphically shown: two bananas and four bananas, two kilos or two pounds of fruit versus eight pounds of fruit.


If you don’t measure it, if you don’t graph it, if you don’t look at that, and if you don’t know what to do based on the behavior of those graphs -- which by the way, there’s only six ways a graph can behave.


If you don’t know exactly what to do, and if you cannot just rattle it out like “this is what I’m doing when the graph is doing that” you’d better come quickly and learn. Because if you will know it, you cannot fail -- cannot.


It is guaranteed. If you know how to manage based on statistics, you cannot fail. If you don’t know, it is also guaranteed that you’ll have a hard time. You will not be able to have enough money. You will not succeed. And even if by mistake you will have money, it will be for a short time. You will lose it.


The number of people who manage to succeed without knowing how to read this measuring instrument is zero. Those people who actually succeed, the common denominator is they know what’s going on around them.


They have a measuring tool and if not, they go bankrupt. You don’t know about them because they’re not here because they went bankrupt.


Look at your life. Look at your friend’s life. If you do not manage by statistics, I know, for sure, you don’t use your potential. You don’t use ten percent of your potential.


You want to use all of your potential and more? Come to one of my seminars. You will learn how to manage by statistics. You will learn the basic rules, the basic tools of management, and there are such tools and if you know them, you need to be a genius to fare.


I invite you to come to the seminar. I promise you. I guarantee. Your life will never be the same again.


Looking forward.


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