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Consideration Vs. Postulate - By Meir Ezra


What is the difference between a Consideration and a Postulate and why?


Consideration Vs. Postulate - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



A consideration is different than a postulate. A consideration includes the acceptance of, or agreement with, an idea.


In other words, somebody postulates something and then you consider that this is so—you agree with it. You then have a consideration which you did not postulate.


Therefore, a consideration has some slight difference from a postulate.


All a consideration is, is a continuing idea, which you might say more aptly, “a fixed idea,” since all continuance is in itself an illusion.


Now, a consideration, then, is a fixed or continuing (less aptly said) idea or opinion.


A postulate can be of very finite or almost infinite duration.


…That’s because we do not at once assume that you would give a postulate as much force or duration as you would give a consideration, because a consideration is permanent and sort of fixed in most cases. It can be, of course, quite brief and quite passing.


A postulate is something that is originated. A consideration could also be originated by a postulate, but could also be the agreement with a postulate. Thus we have a slight difference between these two items, which must be understood.


L. Ron Hubbard, excerpted from the lecture Summation delivered on 7 February 1957 (16th American ACC)


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