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Destiny Romance etc. - By Meir Ezra


When do you lose control of your own destiny and what is the connection to insufficient romance?


Destiny Romance etc. - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



An individual loses control of his own destiny when an individual loses control of this datum: that he puts it there with ideas. He runs out of everything when he runs out of ideas. If you could convince everybody that they had no ideas of any character, you would then have slaves. And very shortly, thereafter, you wouldn't have any world or universe or anything else for those people. ...


“If your life is insufficiently romantic, why don't you invent some romance? If your life is unhappy, why don't you invent some happiness? It's the only happiness you'll ever know. If your life isn't replete with adventure, invent some, if you please. A person has as little adventure as he is incapable of inventing it; an individual has as little happiness as he has lost the power to create it.”


L.Ron Hubbard - Excerpted from the lecture Trying and Communication delivered on 2 November 1955. This can be found in the 4th London ACC lectures.

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