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How to get your child to duplicate you and others

In the last tip we identify that the reason for an inability to understand is an inability to duplicate – duplication is a prerequisite to understanding.


How can you find if that is the problem or if your child actually duplicates you?


Play a game with him… tell him that you are going to say few numbers and words and he should repeat them AFTER you completed…


Now, based on the age of your child (this example is for 11 year olds) tell him something like: 12, 39, Love, 992, Always 89. If the child is older, add numbers and words (start easy and increase).


Tell him once and ask him to repeat…


Can he repeat it exactly?


If not, the child has a duplication problem that needs to be handled.


The handling is simple and it can be done in few ways:

You can plan the game Simon with the child:


You can read simple sentences from a book your child likes and get him to repeat them exactly.


Every time he gives you the exact sentence in the first try he gets 10 points, 2nd time 9 points etc.


As the child improves give him longer sentences.


You can ask the child a series of numbers (start from 2 or 3 numbers – 14, 45, 83 for example) and get him to repeat exactly. Again, 10 point for 1st time duplication, 9 points for second time etc.


You should increase the difficulty over time BUT not too much (that applies to all the exercises).


And you can do it every day for 10 mins – the child will have major improvements and BTW… you can get the child to give you numbers and you can compete with the child (the child always wins).


You can drum on the table some beat and ask the child to repeat exactly. Again, give him points from 10 to 0 and again, start easy and make it more and more difficult.


You can make up few words and ask him to repeat. For example – CHIKA, NULA, FURIM (all made up words).


There are many more things that can be done – join the GP Parent Academy and get the tools that will ensure your child reaches his full potential (and you too).




Much Love,

Meir Ezra

Founder, GP Parent Academy


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