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Why your child (employee, friend, spouse) doesn’t understand

Have you ever encountered a time when your child simply doesn’t understand what you tell him despite the fact you explained and re-explained?




The basic principles we will apply in solving this problem are:


If you try to solve a problem and it is not resolved, you are trying to solve the wrong problem.


The source of the unresolved problem is not the manifestation of the problem – the source is always before.


If you try to solve your child’s understanding and the child does not understand you are trying to solve the wrong problem – it is not the lack of understanding that is the problem…the problem is before!


So what comes before understanding?


Exactly… the ability to communicate and by that I mean the ability to duplicate what you are saying.


Surprise surprise – if your child does not understand you, he does not duplicate what you are saying and will have problem with reading, math and general problems in life!





What does it mean to duplicate?


Let’s look at the dictionary:



Copy something: to make an exact copy of something.

Repeat something: to do something more than once, especially unknowingly or unnecessarily.


When you say something to your child – can he actually duplicate?

What is the handling?

How can you find if that is the problem?


Super simple (all great truth are simple) and I will give it to you the handling in the next tip.


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Much Love,

Meir Ezra

Founder, GP Parent Academy


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