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Long Terms Win - By Meir Ezra


How do you ensure you win any war or why did you ever lost a battle or a war?


Long Terms Win - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



The long-term win is achieved by a balance between force and intelligence. Now, intelligence alone in active action is not enough".


"So, when you take these two elements—if you are sometime trying to solve the problem of whether you did right or whether you did wrong—take these two elements and look them over in relationship to what you did and you'll find out that there is an imbalance in any defeat. It was an imbalance of intelligence and force, these two things were out of gear. You're either using all force and practically grasshopper intelligence or you're using monumental intelligence and saying 'God will protect me,' forgetting at the same time that you were the only god around to do any protecting."


L. Ron Hubbard, lecture "The Free Being" (9 July 1963).

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