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Only Fun - By Meir Ezra


What is the ONLY fun there is?


Only Fun - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



You take a whole culture which is sold on the idea of retiring—they're sold on the idea of no motion and no action! You see that? Because work, in essence, is simply the handling of effort, the use of effort. And if using effort is bad, why, then of course one goes toward a time when he won't have to use any effort. Well, that's sure backwards. Because the only fun there is, is using effort or action or so forth and moving around in space and so forth. That's fun! And when it becomes a goal not to do that, of course, you've got everything backwards. Because the goal is then not to have any fun.


Well, if I work hard and save all of my money, in the future I will be in a point where I won't have any fun.’ That doesn't sound logical. And yet, the fellow is saying the same thing when he's saying, ‘Well, I'll work till I'm fifty-five and then I can retire and I can go have my orange grove and then I can have some fun“‘.’


Did you ever run into these fellows who had bought an orange grove at sixty-five or seventy or something of the sort and they'd retired and so on and they didn't work anymore? Did you ever run into any? It's real grim, real grim. ... Their wives generally outlive them.


“Unless the fellow was doing this—now, this is a different goal: ‘I'm going to work for a while here until I accumulate enough money so that I can invest it and get an orange grove that I can really work on. You know, I'll just raise more oranges than anybody else and that's what I'm going to do, see? I'm going to work at this job until I get all that money and then I'm going to buy this orange grove and then we'll really get to work. And we'll raise all these oranges and we'll do this’—he keeps going toward the goal of effort. As long as he goes toward a goal of effort, he's okay. As long as he goes toward a goal of ‘loaf,’ why, he's not okay, in terms of motion.”


L.Ron Hubbard - excerpted from the lecture Knowingness and Certainty delivered on 21 December 1953 (2nd American ACC)


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