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Save or Not - By Meir Ezra


Should one save (money etc.) or not and why?


Save or Not - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



“If you start saving things, you’ll stop creating things – and you’re done. That’s the surest way to suicide is start saving. A writer wants to rehabilitate his art, if he’s saved any money, throw it in the Thames, dump it in the Hudson River. Got any furniture or anything, throw it away. Wife is probably being unfaithful anyhow, leave her. Go down and sit in Central Park with nothing but the clothes on your back for a while – you’ll write. I mean every good writer has saved all of this stuff up, you see. And the next thing you know he can’t create.


…the best way to penalize yourself is to start believing everything is scarce and that you’d better save it… Now if you think the money is the end of the effort you’re making a big mistake there too, because it actually is merely a presentation of your creativeness, that’s all it is. It merely represents it in some fashion. And if your creativeness is good you don’t have to worry about saving any money. Your best investment is your own skill and your ability to put things back together again, your ability to stand on two feet and live – that’s your best investment in the world.


L.Ron Hubbard - 10 Feb 56, Use of Games Theory in Processing.


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