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The Source of ALL Wrong Actions - By Meir Ezra


What is the source of all wrong actions?


The Source of ALL Wrong Actions - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



One tries to be right always, right down to the last spark.


How, then, is one ever wrong?"It is this way: One does a wrong action, accidentally or through oversight. The wrongness of the action or inaction is then in conflict with one's necessity to be right. So one then may continue and repeat the wrong action to prove it is right.


This is a fundamental of aberration. All wrong actions are the result of an error followed by an insistence on having been right. Instead of righting the error (which would involve being wrong) one insists the error was a right action and so repeats it.


As a being goes downscale, it is harder and harder to admit having been wrong. Nay*, such an admission could well be disastrous to any remaining ability or sanity.


For rightness is the stuff of which survival is made. ...


Getting the offender to admit his or her wrongness is to court* further degradation and even unconsciousness or the destruction of a being. Therefore the purpose of punishment is defeated and punishment has minimal workability.


But by getting the offender off the compulsive repetition of the wrongness, one then cures it.


But how?


By rehabilitating the ability to be right!


This has limitless application – in training, in social skills, in marriage, in law, in life.


Example: A wife is always burning dinner. Despite scolding, threats of divorce, anything, the compulsion continues. One can wipe this wrongness out by getting her to explain what is right about her cooking.


* nay – a literary word used to introduce a stronger statement of truth, with the meaning not only so but; not only that but also.

* to court – to act as though trying to provoke (something harmful, unpleasant, etc.); to invite unwisely.


L. Ron Hubbard - Introduction to Scientology Ethics, article "You Can Be Right" (page 59-60).


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