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The Way to Live - By Meir Ezra


What is the way you should live?


The Way to Live - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



Your body is made to be used. You as a living organism are made to be pitched into the caldron of action and committed to the adventures of the business of living. And when I say pitched into, I mean pitched. Because there was no adventure worth going into unless your intent in going into it was to give it everything you had.


“And the second you stop living like that, happens to you just like it happens to the naval vessel. You might as well go run yourself aground. You're going to get diffident, scared of this, cautious about that, figuring this way, doing this. You get sick. You sit around and you say, ‘My poor legs, my poor legs. Poor me. I got my beautiful back all sunburned [sigh].’ No kidding, you can start feeling this way on that band on the Tone Scale about yourself and you can practically destroy yourself.”


L.Ron Hubbard - excerpted from the lecture Prime Thought delivered on 12 November 1951 (Thought, Emotion and Effort lectures)


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