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Things for YOU - By Meir Ezra


Why people are willing or unwilling to do things for YOU?


Things for YOU - By Meir Ezra - Guaranteed Prosperity



It's a very funny thing, you know - some fellow comes over the top of a hill and he sees a town lying out in front of him and he says, 'What a horrible, ramshackle, mean, ugly, vicious place that is.' And the next fellow comes over the top of the hill, and he takes a look at this town and he invests it with beingness and then he says, 'There's a town there.'


Well now, the first fellow goes down into the town and nobody does anything for him, and if they shoe his horse or fix his car or do something to him, they'll put the shoe on backwards or patch the tire up in some outlandish fashion that won't last very far and things just kind of go that way - and he'll be overcharged for it".


And the next fellow comes through, that's granted beingness to the town - well, there's probably nothing wrong with his equipment anyhow, but he goes down there and he finds everybody's real nice to him and he gets a good room in the hotel and the chow is good and everybody is happy and cheerful about the whole thing. That's what he runs into continually through life".


"Well, it isn't that one has manufactured his own future to this degree simply by considering things are bad. It's because he doesn't manufacture it at that long range, he manufactures it in terms of split seconds. From moment to moment he manufactures his own future. And if he won't grant it any beingness, his future isn't live. It has no life in it at all. A split second after he utters the postulate, no Life occurs. That's because this individual is unwilling to grant beingness or is afraid to."


L. Ron Hubbard, Classic Lecture "The Granting of Beingness" 18 December 1953.

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