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21 Steps to Happiness

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How to Get Your Free Copy of "The Way to Happiness"

CLICK HERE and select the language you prefer. The English version is in "Flash" format as well as "Adobe PDF" format. To save a copy of the booklet on your computer, get the Adobe PDF version.

To read the Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) version, you need the Adobe Reader program. You can download and install a free copy of the Adobe Reader program by clicking here.


1. Read "The Way to Happiness" from start to finish.

2. Go through the booklet again and note which points you should work on.

3. Write a plan of how you will use those points of the booklet during the next week.

4. Follow your plan during the week. You will notice you feel a little happier each day.

5. Next weekend, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 above. You will discover statements in the booklet that you did not notice before.

6. Continue each week until you are successfully using all 21 chapters of the booklet on a regular basis.

7. Recommend "The Way to Happiness" to others.

You will gradually and steadily feel happier which leads to greater success for you.

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