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A Powerful Communication Technique

Why do you like talking to some people more than others? Do some people seem to understand you better than others?

Do you wish people felt more comfortable talking to you? Would you like people to confide in you more often?

If so, you'll like this simple, yet powerful, communication technique.

After someone tells you something, what should you do next? How do you let the person know you heard what he or she said?

"Acknowledgment: Something said or done to inform another that his statement or action has been noted, understood and received. 'Very good,' 'Okay,' and other such phrases are intended to inform another who has spoken or acted that his statement or action has been accepted."

"Acknowledgment itself does not necessarily imply an approval or disapproval or any other thing beyond the knowledge that an action or statement has been observed and is received."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

An acknowledgment can be a nod or a smile, a "thank you" or an "okay." It lets the person know that you received his or her communication.

For example, if I ask you for the time and you reply, "It's nine o'clock," how would you know I received your answer if I didn't give you an acknowledgment? You would not know if you have been heard.

10 Acknowledgment Facts

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