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Are You Strong Enough to Be Wrong?

Most people find it hard to say, "I am wrong."

Can you say it? When faced with facts that show you are mistaken, can you admit you are wrong and change your position?

If you cannot admit you are wrong, you ruin your life. Examples:

"He won't admit I'm right so I'm never speaking to him again."

"There is nothing you can say or do to convince me there is anything wrong with eating Big Macs and fries every day."

"I stopped being a lawyer as a protest because a judge was completely wrong."

When leaders refuse to admit when they are wrong, we get waste, destruction and death.

For example, for hundreds of years, churches, houses and barns were burned to the ground after being hit by lightning. Everyone agreed it was God's will and only sinners' homes were set on fire. When a good person's house was burned down, it was the Devil's work.

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod. The surge of electricity from lightning would hit the metal rod on the roof of the building and go down a wire into the ground. The electricity would not burn the building.

Yet despite proof, religious leaders would not admit they were wrong and instead, accused of interfering with God's work. It took 20 years (30 in ) and thousands of destroyed churches before a new generation of church leaders would install lightning rods on their churches.


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