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Brilliant Ideas Are Old Ideas

George was tired of being broke.

Every day was a struggle. "How will I pay my bills? I'm going deeper into debt. I can't afford to buy anything."

So George constantly worked on new ways to make money. "If I could invent a new can opener, all my money problems would be over." "Maybe I could sell funny hats on the Internet." "If I found some investors, I could open a new underwater restaurant."

George had tried a few ideas, such as manufacturing a razor blade that never got dull, building the world's largest tree swing and a selling lamps made of salt. All his new ventures had failed. To survive, he had to work at McDonald's as an assistant manager.

George felt he should solve his money problems with new ideas. Unfortunately, unproven ideas are often wrong.


"Affluence* Attainment, consists of: ... Doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet."

-- L. Ron Hubbard (Affluence: abundance; wealth)

You enjoy affluence, not from new ideas, but from things that have already worked.

George decides to try out this approach. He asks himself, "What has made me money in the past?" He lists the following:

• Selling shoes at a store paid $350 per week.

• Selling sunglasses at weekend festivals paid $1000 per weekend.

• Buying old cars, fixing them up and selling them. The last car he restored, a 1961 Ford Mustang, earned $1500 profit with two weeks of work.

• Working at McDonald's pays $560 per week.

George realizes he can go back to his two best-paying jobs immediately: sunglasses and car restoration.

He convinces the sunglass company to give him 200 pairs on credit so he can sell them at an outdoor market that weekend. He then finds a wrecked 1988 Mercedes and makes a deal to buy it for $500, on credit.

George quits his McDonald's job. He makes $800 selling sunglasses that weekend. He spends three weeks on the Mercedes and sells it for $4500.

George uses old, proven ideas to boost his income.

How Businesses Achieve Affluence

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