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Cause or Effect: The Choice is Yours

Every aspect of your life comes under two categories: things you are at cause over and things you are the effect of.

You can be at cause over your job, relationships, habits, money and future . . . or you can be effect of those things.

When you are at the effect of something, it upsets you. It gives you problems. You don't like to talk about it.

For example, a car mechanic might be very good at fixing radiators, but not very good at brake systems. He looks forward to radiator jobs. He knows every type of radiator that exists, and can fix or replace them quickly. Customers never come back with radiator problems. He is at cause over radiators.

But whenever he gets a brake job, he slows down. He can't find the right parts, can't get the parts to fit and smashes his fingers. He is at the effect of brakes.

As another example, a certain fellow is shy and cannot talk to women as he is effect of women. He may spend all day thinking about them, but turns red and looks down whenever a female talks to him. Once he learns about the mechanics of communication and how to make women feel comfortable, he starts to be more at cause.

If you own or manage a business, you oversee hundreds of duties. You are at cause over a duty if you can do it to professional standards. You are at cause if you can train others on that duty and easily improve their performance. You are at cause if you enjoy the duties of the job.

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