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Cause or Effect: The Choice is Yours

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If you own or manage a business, you oversee hundreds of duties. You are at cause over a duty if you can do it to professional standards. You are at cause if you can train others on that duty and easily improve their performance. You are at cause if you enjoy the duties of the job.

The points of your business that put you at effect are your biggest problems. You are at effect of a duty if you avoid it, ignore it or pretend it's unimportant. You are at effect of a duty if you rely on others to deal with it for you.

Employees who are at cause over their job or position are the ones who make the most pay, get the most promotions and have the most fun. Employees who are at effect of their positions are the ones who hate their jobs, never earn bonuses or get fired.

The same principle applies with any area of life. If you feel stressed by taxes, legal issues, relationships, housekeeping, finances, goal setting, children, your health or anything else within your life, you are at effect of these things. These are the points that are slowing you down and stopping your success.

You Succeed When You Are at Cause

L. Ron Hubbard devised a simple way to get more at cause over your job (post).

"Write down any and all points where one feels he is NOT at cause over his post.

"Then . . . look at points one after another where one can be at cause.

"One's vision of this gets bigger and bigger.

"And one comes to cause over his post.

"Try it."
-- L. Ron Hubbard

Seven Steps to Become More At Cause

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