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Complicated Problems

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How to Take Apart Problems

"To take apart a problem requires only to establish what one could not or would not confront." -- L. Ron Hubbard

All you need to do is figure out exactly what you cannot confront and you slice apart the problem.


For example, you want to start a t-shirt business. But instead of swimming in the confusion, or hiring someone to confront it for you, you ask yourself this question:


"What about this problem is difficult for me to face? What can't I confront about it?"


You write down five things you can't confront.

1. Signing a long-term store space lease is scary.

2. T-shirt manufacturers seem like mean people.

3. What if the banker laughs at my loan application?

4. I'm afraid I'll hire bad employees.

5. My advertising ideas might make me look stupid.


Just making the list makes you feel better. Starting a business appears less chaotic. Then, you confront each individual item on your list.


You ask dozens of questions about leasing store space. You use a dictionary to figure out every paragraph of the lease. You understand the lease and happily sign it.


Next, you meet with a few t-shirt manufacturers. You discover they are very nice people.


You meet with a banker. You interview a few potential employees. You find out the kind of advertising you need to attract customers.


After facing all five items on your list, you realize it's not hard to make a t-shirt business succeed!



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