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You are walking down the sidewalk and a guy walks up to you on the street and demands money. You are driving down the road and a police officer pulls you over. The leader of your group asks you to speak to the entire group.

Your boss or a colleague is so mad at you he or she starts to scream. Your main investment suddenly crashes. The neighborhood bully wants to talk to you.

As someone who wants to succeed, you need courage to deal with anything that scares you. You must face your fears head on. You need several types of courage.


• The courage to discuss touchy issues.

• The courage to be criticized.

• The courage to say "no."

• The courage to make decisions.

• The courage to tell the truth.

• The courage to face the facts.

• The courage to be in the minority.

• The courage to hold a position.

• The courage to admit you are wrong.

• The courage to trust others.

• The courage to accept responsibility.

• The courage to disagree.

• The courage to change.


Without courage, your success is unlikely.

"A person of high courage is a valuable associate and group member, but a coward is a dangerous liability as a friend."
 From the book Science of Survival by L. Ron Hubbard

Each time you use more courage, you enjoy new benefits.

You feel calm and peaceful. Problems that were persisting now tend to disappear. Your confidence soars to new heights.

Managing your business, job or career becomes easier. You feel more energy. You sleep better.

People around you follow your example. You inspire everyone to be more courageous. Your family and groups become stronger.


Six Articles to Help You Increase Your Courage

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