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Six Articles to Help You Increase Your Courage

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1. You have more courage if your are passionate. Fire up your purpose. Arouse your intensity. See "The Power of Passion."

2. Make steady, orderly progress. See "Orderly Progress = Power."

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate. You will often find the courage to communicate is all you need to resolve difficult situations. See "When in Doubt, Communicate."

4. Prepare for a confrontation. Write down your plan of action, list all contingencies and set the stage. See "How to Handle Difficult People."

5. Lighten up. Your odds of success are much greater if you are less serious about everything. See "Being Too Serious Can Drive You Crazy."

6. Look at the challenge as an opportunity. Much of what you have accomplished has taken courage. Every time you go through a difficulty, you come out stronger. See "Fish Story: The Benefits of a Challenge."

7. Do not assume anything. Do not listen to others. Look for yourself. Horses are often terrified of shallow streams until they step in and feel the stream is only an inch deep. Once you actually talk to a bully, you find it's not such a big deal. See "Operating with the Truth."

8. Be a professional. Assuming a professional attitude includes courage. See "Professionalism Matters."


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