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Do You Have Enough Talent to Succeed?

To explain their failures, you might hear people say,

"I don't have a head for business which is why my scrapbook store went bankrupt."

"Leaders are born to lead. I was born to follow. I'll just be a good soldier."

"She inherited her musical skill from her father, but my dad is a truck driver which is why I can't play the piano."

If you believe you need to inherit a skill or talent to be successful, you are one step closer to failure. Yet if you realize you can get the talent to succeed at anything you wish, you are one step closer to success. So if talent is not something you are born with, where do you get it?

Where did Michael Jordan get the talent to be such a great basketball player? What made Luciano Pavarotti into a great opera singer? Why was Warren Buffet such a great investor?

How do these professionals make their jobs looks so easy? Are they born with their skills?

Actually, no one is born a great entrepreneur, a great chess player or a great business manager. The most successful salespeople, investors, actors and doctors do not get their skills at birth. They achieve their greatness through hard, intense practice.

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