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Do You Really Enjoy Your Work?

"Work is only as good as it's enjoyed, not as it's paid." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When you do what you love, your odds of success are much greater. You have more passion, more fun and more energy.

When you enjoy your job, you look forward to Monday mornings. Your days fly by. You make steady progress.

Your enjoyment is also contagious. The people around you get along better. They follow your example and have more fun.

When you love your work, you recognize opportunities, make better decisions and enjoy less stress. When you add skillful work performance, you also become an expert.

What if you do not enjoy your work?

The Good Must Outweigh the Bad

Every job, every profession and every business includes distasteful aspects--the complicated, boring, dirty or difficult parts of the job. Yet conquering these difficulties is how you pay the bills.

To get rich, simply perform an important job most people can't do or won't do. For example, drilling tiny holes in people's teeth or performing surgery on people's stomachs is very tough work, but it can make dentists and physicians wealthy.

Yet if you have no love for your job, the difficult parts become unbearable. You hate going to work. You hate the people. The stress makes you sick.

When you love the purpose and results of your work, the difficulties become easier to deal with and you take pride in conquering them. The benefits of the job outweigh the liabilities.

Five Steps to Getting More Enjoyment from Your Work

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