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Enjoy the Good Life!

The good life! What does it mean to you?

Does it mean you live in the penthouse of a beautiful apartment building in London? Are you splashing around in your private swimming pool? Or are you just eating in better restaurants?

Your lifestyle, also known as your standard of living, is the material comfort of your life: your clothing, house, possessions, luxuries and so on.

What is the ideal standard of living for you? Take a minute to write what lifestyle you would most enjoy.

So how do you get the good life? 



Check the items below that determine your standard of living:

  • Your employer
  • Computers or machinery
  • Your parents
  • Luck or destiny
  • Big business
  • Chanting or meditation
  • The government
  • Your productivity


If you chose the last factor, you can improve the quality of your lifestyle.

"Products are the basis of a standard of living. They don't appear from midair. They come from work truly done." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When you produce enough valuable products, you earn the standard of living you want


What Is Your Product?

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