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Five Rules for Successful Staff Management

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2. People will work very hard IF you have them do the work they agreed to do when they were hired.


For example, your computer system crashes and 5000 records need to be entered by your data-entry staff before they can do their normal data-entry work. Because they were hired to do data entry, you say, "I know this will be hard, but you people need to get these 5000 records entered by the end of the day, even if you need to work all night. And then by the end of tomorrow, you need to catch up your regular work, as well."


The data-entry staff grumble a bit, but soon they are working harder than ever. They laugh about having pizza for dinner and decide they can finish by 7 pm.

3. Pay attention to your staff's work. Make regular comments about their performance.


For instance, you say, "Good job on getting those 5000 records entered by 7 pm!"

4. Do not play favorites or a form clique (a small, exclusive group).


For instance, someone says, "Boss, a few of us want to buy you lunch."


You say, "Great! Let's bring the whole team."

5. Demand excellent work standards.


For example, one of your staff says, "I'm mailing these statements even though they are a little crooked. The copier messed up, but you can still read them."


You say, "Throw them away and do it right. We're professionals, okay?"


L. Ron Hubbard summarizes with this advice: "If you do all these fairly well, you'll really make it. You only have to be 51% right all the time to win. Just make sure the 49% loses don't include anything important." - L. Ron Hubbard 


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