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Five Tips to Help Children Succeed

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"Observe them--and this applies even to babies. Listen to what children tell you about their lives."
For example, you might observe a baby calms down when a football game is on the television. You may discover your three-year-old gets excited when painting flowers. An eight-year-old may give you a great idea that you've never considered.
4. "Let them help-if you don't, they become overwhelmed with a sense of obligation which they then must repress." (Repress = hold back.)
How do you feel if someone gives you money or favors, but refuses to let you return the favor in any way? Perhaps you feel worthless as you have nothing valuable to give to that person. If you are not allowed to help the person back, you'll soon dislike or distrust the person and refuse all future gifts.
"If you fold the napkins, it would really help me." "I'll give you an allowance if you take care of all the garbage for the house." "I'll feel better if you sing a song for me."
5. "A child factually does not do well without love. Most children have an abundance of it to return."


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