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Five Ways to Get Rich (Part 2)

Last week's TipsForSuccess article listed four unreliable ways to get rich:

  1. Gamble.
  2. Sue someone.
  3. Marry a wealthy person or inherit your money.
  4. Lie or steal.

The only reliable way to get rich:

  1. Earn it.

You provide a service or product that people need and you deliver it. You can then increase your income by improving and expanding your service capacity.


What Is Your Service Capacity?

Capacity: The maximum limit. The greatest amount possible. The highest quality possible.

Service: A valuable act or useful product that you provide to others.

How much service can you produce? It doesn't matter if you are providing it or not. What are you capable of providing?

For example, two auto repair shops in the same town can fix your car's engine. But one of the repair shops can also paint your car and replace your tires. It has a greater service capacity than the other shop. Therefore, it has the capacity to earn more money.

Organizations thrive or die based on their service capacity. The same principle applies to you.

"The greater the investment in more service capacity, the greater the ability to get more service capacity utilized.

"The greater the service capacity utilized, the greater the service delivered.

"The greater the service delivered, the greater the income."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

Based on this quote, we now have a simple, but powerful three-step formula for earning more money.


  1. Invest in your service capacity.

  2. Get your service capacity used. This means you deliver more service or more products; or provide a better service or better products.

  3. Increase your income.



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