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Greater Service = Greater Pay

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How can you do this?

1. You invest in your service capacity.

2. You get your service capacity used.

3. You deliver a greater service.

Your income increases.

For example, a hairdresser has one work station for her alone. She averages 12 customers per day which is her maximum. She reads the above formula and invests in her service capacity.

She buys another work station complete with a new sink, mirrors, a chair and supplies. She learns how to take care of two customers at the same time. While the first customer's hair is drying, she is cutting another customer's hair. They all chat and enjoy themselves more with this new arrangement. She is now handling 20 customers per day. Her income increases.

She starts the cycle again and invests in another station and hires a shampoo girl. Her capacity increases, she gets the capacity used and now sees 25 customers per day. Her income had doubled.

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