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How to Generate Personal Power

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The ability to devote 100% of your attention to a task is difficult at first. Yet when you start to live your life in the immediate present, in this exact moment of time, with little or no attention on the past or future, you feel more alive.

Concentrate on the period at the end of this sentence and nothing else.

Can you do it for five seconds? Fifteen? Can you do it with absolutely no other thoughts? Imagine being able to focus all of your attention on everything you do as you do it. This is power!

Staying in present time unleashes extra amounts of natural ability. For example, just before you leave on a vacation, you zero in on specific accomplishments and quickly get them done. When you only daydream about a vacation, you slow down and become less effective.

You handle conversations much better if you stay in the present. People feel you truly understand them when you are doing nothing but listening with no other thought.

When you are fully in the present, you think better, react faster and make better decisions.

The stronger your focus, the greater your power.

Five Exercises

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