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How to Generate Power

Why do you produce twice as much just before a vacation? You make a list of tasks and get them done in record time.

Why do some people seem so lucky? Everything they do seems to magically turn out well.

What makes you perform at your peak? When are you at your best?

Here’s a power tip you won’t learn from any of the motivational “experts.”

“Happiness is power and power is being able to do what one is doing when one is doing it.” — L. Ron Hubbard

When you drive a car while thinking about other things, your reaction time is slower. You are less alert. You fail to see potential problems. According to police, inattention is the primary cause of auto accidents.

Daydreams and distractions ruin your job performance. You go on automatic and make mistakes. Because you are not giving your best, you produce less.

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