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How to Improve Your Standard of Living

Your standard of living is the quality of your home, food, clothing, working conditions, possessions and so on.

Quiz: Which of these factors determines your standard of living?

• Your employer

• The government

• Computers or machinery

• Your parents

• Big business

• Your luck or destiny

• Your beliefs

• Chanting or meditation

• Your productivity

If you chose the last factor, you can control the quality of your life style. You can improve your standard of living.

"Products are the basis of a standard of living. They don't appear from midair. They come from work truly done." -- L. Ron Hubbard

Everyone needs a product to produce. If you build houses, your product is a house. If you write books, your product is a book. If you cook food, your product is a meal.

If you produce a service, such as a hotel clerk, your product is happy hotel guests. If you are a doctor, your product is a healthy patient. If you give technical advice, you product is an advised client.

The work must be truly done. Employees who exaggerate or lie about their productivity do not stay on the job long. "Don't worry about it. I made those calls for you. No one was home." Businesses who lie about their products are also on the road to failure. "We'll install your new roof on Tuesday. I just need a check for $10,000 right now."

"Factually one normally has to work fast and expertly and in high volume to bring about any acceptable standard of living for himself and his group." -- L. Ron Hubbard

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