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How to Make a Fresh Start

Nothing can ruin your success faster than personal conflicts. Upsets between business partners or battles between bosses and staff can ruin productivity, reduce income and build up stress.

Most people have good intentions, most of the time. They want to get along, do their work and succeed. Yet personal upsets can make good people into monsters.


How Do You Deal with Personal Conflicts?

Imagine you get promoted to a management position at work. You now have five employees who answer to you. Four of them are supportive and friendly. Yet the fifth person, Dick, is a problem.

Dick is not cheerful with you. He smiles around his coworkers, but frowns and gets serious when you show up. He never looks you in the eye.

One day, a customer complains about Dick. After you make the customer happy, you call Dick into your office. You say, "So what happened with that customer?"

Dick says, "He's just a jerk. Take his side if you want. I don't care. I'm going back to work, OK?"

What do you do?

Let Dick leave your office and pretend there is no problem?

Get angry at him and chew him out?

Plead with him to be nice to you?

Demand he tell you what is wrong?


A Better Approach

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