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How to Make Great Decisions

When you make good decisions, you build your self-confidence.

"SELF-CONFIDENCE is nothing more than belief in one's ability to decide and in one's decisions." -- L. Ron Hubbard

When you cannot make decisions, you build up stress, create confusion and make people wait. Even worse, when you put off decisions, you miss opportunities.


So how do you make great decisions?

"Given information and the purpose, anybody can make a decision." -- L. Ron Hubbard


In other words, decision-making is like playing cards. If you know which cards each player is holding (information), you make good decisions and win the money (purpose).


15 Questions to Help You Make Decisions

From starting a business to changing careers, buying a house to choosing a vacation, any decision is easy to make, if you have the purpose and information.


For example, Joe needs a car (purpose). He narrows his choices to: 1) buy the $90,000 BMW, 2) buy the $30,000 used Acura, 3) fix up and keep the old .


As another example, Bob asks Dorothy to marry him. Dorothy wants to be happily married (purpose). So she selects her four choices: 1) Marry Bob immediately, 2) Marry Bob after a long engagement, 3) Don't marry Bob, but keep dating him, 4) Don't marry Bob and stop dating him.


Once you have your purpose and options, find the answers (information) to these 15 questions for each of your options. Your best correct decision will be obvious.


15 Questions to Help You Make Decisions

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