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How to Save Money

If you had saved 10% of your income since you started working, how much money would you have right now?

Saving money is a skill. If you can save money, your chances of success and financial security are much greater.

A cash surplus has many advantages. For example:

● You can negotiate better purchase prices

● Emergencies and potential emergencies are less stressful

● You can help the people with their emergencies

● You do not feel as trapped by your job

● You have the option of getting into activities you enjoy and out of activities you do not enjoy

● You have more choices of where to live

● You can spend more time enjoying the activities you love, even if they produce no income

● You feel more secure

For most people, saving money is difficult. Perhaps your immediate needs are more stressful than your future needs. You may not have enough to cover current bills. Or you may prefer to enjoy your money now.

Even if you manage to save some money, you are tempted to spend it. Or you have an emergency or find something you really want to buy. You promise yourself you'll pay it back to your cash reserve, but you never do.

Saving money takes more self-discipline than most people have. It is difficult to put money aside each month into savings. However, most people can pay their bills.

The Key to Saving a Cash Surplus

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