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How to Spend Money to Make MORE Money

Spending money is a skill. You can spend with intelligence or stupidity. You can use your money to increase your financial worth or you can just waste it.

Businesses that spend money intelligently make more profit. Their employees earn higher salaries and their customers get better service. Businesses that spend money foolishly cannot afford top employees who produce high-quality services or products.

Your personal spending habits can make you rich or poor. For example, a married couple accumulates over $2 million during their working years with intelligent spending. Another married couple, with a similar income, have no savings when they reach their 60's because they never knew the principle that is covered in this article.

The way to spend money to make money is by using the "Bean Theory."

"Finance is best understood as a COMMODITY* in terms of beans." "So many beans issued to an activity and so many more beans back."
-- L. Ron Hubbard
(*Commodity: An item that is bought, sold or traded.)

In other words, you look at your cash as a bunch of beans. You trade those beans in a way that gives you MORE beans than you started with.


Bean Theory Examples

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