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How Your Negative Emotions Ruin Your Productivity


When the elderly sales manager of ABC Autos retired, car sales dropped in half. The salespeople were making less money. Pete, the new sales manager, was yelling at the salespeople to do better, but with no improvement. The company owner, Mr. Christopher, was getting desperate.

Mr. Christopher sat down with the sales manager and said, "Pete, you've got to quit yelling at the salespeople. Our old sales manager never yelled. Please give it a try."

Pete said, "Where I come from, if you don't yell, you don't get sales. Fire me if you want, but I'm gonna yell."

Mr. Christopher said, "Okay, I don't care what you do, just get the sales numbers back up this week."

So Pete held a sales meeting and screamed, "IF YOU DON'T MAKE AT LEAST ONE SALE THIS WEEK, YOU ARE FIRED!"

The sales staff ran out and started calling people on the phone. "You HAVE to call me!" "I know you it's been six months since you were here, but I need to see you. "Your old car is dangerous; you must come in NOW!"

A couple walked in to browse. Four salespeople charged at them. The first one actually ran to beat the others and said, "HI THERE! How can I help you! Let me show you around!"

The couple jumped back, mumbled "No thanks" and headed for the door. Another salesperson was blocking the doorway. "Did you find what you were looking for?"

The couple fought their way out the door and the salespeople went back to their telephones. Mr. Christopher, who was watching, shook his head.

Emotional Reactions

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