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Orderly Progress = Power

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giving a positive impression to one more person; learning one more new skill; lessening one bad habit, investing a few more dollars in savings. Daily progress in a specific direction creates long-term power when the progress is constant and orderly.

If you have been dissatisfied with your progress in life, or if you feel discouraged, overwhelmed or frustrated, make a list of orderly steps you can take every day and every week. Calm, direct, orderly steps.

Once you have your strategy worked out there is no need to worry about the past or the future — just concentrate on the present; on the steps of this plan. By putting order into your progress, nothing and nobody can stop you.

A mountain creek is more powerful than a granite boulder when the creek slowly and surely wears the boulder down. Orderly progress toward your goals starts with small, positive steps.

You can generate new power from this week forward. Deciding to have orderly progress is the first step.

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