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Get Anything You Want with ARC
(Affinity, Reality and Communication)



By using this powerful tool, you can form a meaningful relationship with anyone you like. Based on these relationships, you can get the raise, promotion, sale, contract, friendship, marriage, support or cooperation you need.

"The ARC Triangle is the keystone of living associations."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

ARC (pronounced as A-R-C, not "ark") forms the basis for all of your relationships. L. Ron Hubbard discovered the rules and uses of ARC during the 1950s.

Every relationship has three parts:

Affinity: how much you like or love a person
Reality: how much agreement you have with a person; what you agree to be real
Communication: your exchange of information and ideas

These three parts interact with each other and so form a triangle.


Part 1: How ARC Works

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