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What to Do When You Feel Outraged

Getting angry is the correct response in some situations. Yet blowing up and overreacting can ruin your relationships and success.


For example, you might feel outraged and say:


  2. "I can't believe you got home late again; I just can't trust you."
  3. "I hear you changed your mind! After all my hard work. I can't believe this!"
  4. "She never called me back so I guess she is rejecting my offer. I'm never working with her again!"
  5. "He always disagrees with me and I've had it!"


Jumping to the wrong conclusion and getting outraged can seriously damage your success.


Great Advice for Handling Anger

"Listen and question before you decide you're outraged." -- L. Ron Hubbard

By listening and questioning, you find the correct problem and see a better solution.


  1. "Has anyone seen my pen?"
  2. "Why did you get home late?"
  3. "Did you change your mind?"
  4. "Will you accept my offer?"
  5. "Do you disagree with me?"


By listening and questioning, you learn the truth.


  1. "Oh sure, you can borrow it."
  2. "Sorry; I forgot you'd told me you'd be late!"
  3. "I'm glad you did not change your mind."
  4. "Take all the time you need to think about my offer."
  5. "I'm glad we agree!"


In most cases, you will not feel outraged after you listen and question.




The next time you feel outraged, do not react.


Instead, ask a few questions and listen to the answers.


Much of the time you'll find you reached the wrong conclusion.


You'll be happy you did not react!



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