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Which is Worse: Terrorists or Fear of Terrorists?

Since 9/11, three years ago, many people are still afraid to fly in airplanes, visit or work in tall buildings. Many Americans are afraid of anyone who comes from the .

Just as fear of terrorism can affect a country, fear can hurt your success. Instead of working on your career or future, you get quiet or hide.

If you feel afraid, you make poor decisions. You fight the wrong targets. You feel confused.

Fears make you imagine the worse. You play little movies in your head that have nothing to do with your real life. Life seems dangerous.

Fear can also hurt your health. Your body is tense. You sleep poorly. You do not feel active.

Terrorism is a big fear, especially for many Americans. So where is the threat?

Personal Experience

Have you ever seen a terrorist? Not on the news, but with your own eyes?

If you walked in any direction from your home, how far would you have to walk before you were threatened by a terrorist? For most of us, it's a very long walk.

Have you lost money, peace of mind or personal freedom because of a terrorist? Or maybe people's FEAR of terrorism is the bigger problem.

Terrorist Purpose

The only thing terrorists want to do is scare you. That's why they're called terrorists!

Have you let terrorists achieve their purpose?

Another question: Who is helping terrorists with their mission?


Who makes money or gains power from terrorism?

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