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Why Lie?

Why would you deliberately give someone the wrong impression? What would make you alter or exaggerate the facts? Why would you present a false picture?

Whether you call them white lies, fibs, half-truths or exaggerations, lying is lying.

For example, you spill some water on your office's copy machine and it makes a funny sound. Just as you leave the room to find a towel, your boss walks in and tries to make a copy.

He says, "Hey! Why isn't the copier working? And who spilled this water?"

You shrug and mumble, "Umm, don't know" as your face turns red.

You wonder, "Why did I just lie to my boss?"

"Lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences* should one tell the truth." -- L. Ron Hubbard (*consequences = effects, results)

You cannot face what will happen, so you lie. You are afraid of the consequences for telling the truth, such as these:

• Your status may suffer
• You may be punished
• You will look stupid
• Someone will get angry
• You would have to admit you were wrong

However, lying can have far worse consequences!


Results of Lying

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