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Work is a Game

"Any job is a game." "A game consists of freedoms, barriers and purposes." -- L. Ron Hubbard
from The Problems of Work

Yes, your job is a game! Making money is a game. Succeeding in life is a game. And it can be as fun as playing a card game, a football game or a video game.

If you know your job is a game, you become more successful. You win more often if you understand and take advantage of the three parts of a game: FREEDOMS, BARRIERS and PURPOSES.

Three Parts of a Game

FREEDOMS are opportunities to succeed. Anything that helps you win the game are freedoms. Examples: your education, your hard work and the support you get from others.

BARRIERS are the problems you must solve or get through to win the game. They include the rules, problems and competitors.

PURPOSES include the goals, the accomplishments and the rewards.

For example, in a football or soccer game, if you are running down the field, and someone tries to stop you, he is a BARRIER. Your strong legs, teammates and the open field are your FREEDOMS. If you get past the other team, you will score a goal which is your PURPOSE.

As another example, if you want to earn more money at work, the BARRIERS may include a product that no one wants to buy, a competing business or your own laziness.

The FREEDOMS at your work may include a bonus plan that pays you for your hard work, a bright idea of how to improve the company's products and a new list of customers who will buy the products.

Your PURPOSES may be to double your income, pay for some training or pay off your debts.

If you do not increase your pay, you feel unhappy as you lost the game. However, if you double your income, you feel great! You won the game!

So how can you use this concept to succeed?

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