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Learning, Ethics & Money (LEM)

(4 days)


This is one of the most powerful seminars you will ever experience - not only due to the extremely rich and powerful content, but because in this seminar you will ensure you can learn anything within any subject PERFECTLY – GUARANTEED!


Have you ever excitedly started to learn a subject only to find yourself completely quitting it soon after beginning? Have certain subjects “scared” you away from learning them, i.e. “Jeeze I’ll never get myself to learn what the heck my lawyer is talking about!” 

Well in this seminar, you will find out why this happens and how to ensure it never happens to you (or your colleagues and friends) again. You will find out how to study any subject with ease… You will actually realize that you cannot know anything if you don’t know it fully or perfectly.


For example: you cannot know 75% of flying an airplane - as 75% will be taking off, flying but not landing! You can see the absurdity of not knowing something perfectly. You either know it or you don’t know it - and after this seminar you will know how to learn anything to perfect results.


Furthermore, by the end of this course you will become stable as a being and you will trust yourself.


In this seminar

You will uncover the reason why you limit your ability to HAVE. This includes things such as fulfilling relationships, a career you enjoy, or money in the bank. There is also a correlation between the amount of money you have and your ability to communicate - and this seminar will reveal to you this crucial connection!


You will find out that your problems have nothing to do with what has happened to you, but everything to do with what you have done. While this may be hard to grasp, you know instinctively that it is true.

The seminar will prove it and this seminar will give you the tools to take full responsibility for what you have done and so open the doors of success for YOU.


Most people, most businesses, are failing to achieve their dreams. It seems like this universe has been constructed to have only a few people really succeed. By the end of this seminar, you will find WHY and HOW to handle this situation and become one of those “few special selected” people.


And like in all our seminars – you will get rid of tons of false data and you will know that the only limiting factors in your life are untruths and that the truth is truly freeing.


Get ready for a brand new life!


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