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EMG Health Fairs

CEO: Yaniv Wanerman      Founded: 2006        Area: Mainly NY and NJ locations  


EMG Health Fairs website, Phone number: 718-638-2641

Corporate Health Fairs<br/>Lobby Health Fairs<br/>Massage & Wellness days<br/>Employee Appreciation days <br/>Ergonomic Consultations <br/>Workshops to increase employee  happiness. <br/>Massage & Wellness days

Area of focus

Health & Wellness



EMG Health Fairs was established in 2006
We deliver health and wellness events and activities for corporate offices and also in the lobbies or common spaces of Manhattan office buildings.
Our mission is simple but valuable - We believe people are important and so we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality health & wellness events that are fun, well organized, with professional exhibitors & screenings that benefit your tenants or your firm, your staff & the environment.
We help to provide the ideal scene for employees & tenants to get;
1) Educational & informational brochures regarding current health issues & answers to individual health related questions.
2) Screenings that could provide early detection of potential future health conditions.
3) Solutions & information to a wide spectrum of current health related issues.
The intention is to increase the individualʹs awareness & understanding as well as answering any questions about health & wellness related conditions they are interested in knowing more about.
In addition, the activity provides solutions to help improve the health & wellness of the individual, resulting in a happier & healthier & more productive individual with higher moral.
At our events Individuals are welcome to try our chair massage, blood pressure screenings, body fat analysis, pain management, vision, dental screening, weight loss consulting, acupuncture & podiatry (foot) screenings, glucose and cholesterol screenings, bone density screenings & more…
We also include a raffle. 


Services / Products

Corporate Health Fairs
Lobby Health Fairs
Massage & Wellness days
Employee Appreciation days
Ergonomic Consultations
Workshops to increase employee happiness.
Massage & Wellness days


Target Audience

Human Resource Managers
Property mangers & owners

Why customers come to us
Our service is very fast smooth and stress free for the client.

Why choose us

We simply are able to provide more personal care & attention to details.
Also we create the proses of setting up the event, fast & stress free one for our clients.


What problems it can solve for you

+ Improved employee morale
+ Increased employee productivity
+ Decreased rate of illness / injury
+ Reduced absenteeism
+ Reduced the stress level
+ Increased happiness & well being
Our pride
That we are able to set up the fair & tailor make it to what the company or property needs & wants.
Also we can accommodate and add services in proportion to each companies employee size to be able to service everyone.


I want to thank you for the health & rejuvenation Fair. Everything was well organized, the food was great, the decorations were nice, etc. Employees’ appreciated all that was done, and most importantly the valuable information that they attained at the health fair. It was fun and educational... the best health fair weʹve had so far. I look forward to working with you again next year . J.C (HR Assistant VP)
Success Story blank rome
Blank Rome LLP held its first-ever Health and Wellness Fair for our employees in our New York Office. Yaniv Wanerman and his team from EMG Health Fairs took care of everything from the Chair Massages to knowledgeable Exhibitors to an awesome and healthy lunch. My co-chair Katherine and I could not have pulled off such a successful event without the guidance and full range support from Yaniv and his team. I highly recommend this to any company in the Manhattan area as a valuable and cost-effective way to show your employees you care. Our employees were beyond pleased with this event and the raffle prizes were a great bonus too. Can’t wait for the next Fair!

Thank you,

Pam Miller
Regional Operations/HR Specialist
Blank Rome LLP
I wanted to express my gratitude for the great health fairs you coordinated at our ny and NJ locations. when i returned to my desk,there were many emails from employees indicating that they thought this was the best health fair we have had and they truly enjoyed it,
thanks again for a job well done!! S.L


Professional Tip

Always continue to flourish & prosper.

Special Deal

No fee for coordinating fairs in Manhattan & Jersey city areas



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